See ALL storms that have impacted the United States in a way that makes sense for your business.

No more buying storm maps that provide you with limited information, everything you need is in our Storm Tracking Tool!

Find your storm date easier than ever before! Search by hail, wind speed reports, wind damage reports & more! With searching severe weather impacts on any location is as easy as typing in an address, city, state or zipcode!

The Tracking Tool brings you hail data that is accurate while eliminating guess work that many add to their tracking programs.

gives you detailed hail reference points to work off of, as opposed to delivering a generic swathing map. Hail is variable, you need data that supports this logic!

With Tracking Tool, you can easily categorize storm data to filter out what storm impacts you are looking for.

From searching for the most damaging severe storms, to those that may have caused minimal damage, the Tracking Tool has you covered.

It is not just hail that causes damage to homes and businesses, wind damage is also a major concern. Severe thunderstorms are not the only cause of wind damage in the United States. During the Fall and Winter months, powerful low pressure systems have the potential to cause widespread wind damage.

The Tracking Tool allows you to see these wind impacts outside of thunderstorm areas.

Take your data with you on your mobile device. With the Tracking Tool, it is easy to find your storm date on your mobile device. Using the GPS function, you can now locate storm impacts around your current location with the click of a button!

The Tracking Tool is a very valuble tool with a wide array of uses in the Paintless Dent Removal Industry, Insurance Adjusting & the Restoration Industry as a whole!

If you have a need for accurate and dependable storm data, the Tracking Tool will provide you this service either in the office or out in the field!

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